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Unsightly swirls in your Paint

Okay, Time to settle this once and for all, I cannot tell you how many times I have had a customer show up or call me explaining that one outfit or the other out there has given them back either there Car, Truck, Boat or RV back with swirls in the clear or paint with the sorry excuse that ” that’s just the way it is”, Well, I’m here to tell you that that is most definitely not the way it has to be. Anytime you “cut and buff” something you are going to get swirls in whatever your buffing but you have to know what to do next, You have to know how to work the swirls out, By using the correct products along with an experienced detailer you can absolutely remove the swirls, its just another necessary step in the whole detailing process. More often than not, it’s just an inexperienced detailer who has either 1) Never learned how too, or 2) laziness, it is a lot more work to get rid of the swirls but if your going to call yourself a detailer, your going to have to learn your trade. learn what to do and how to do it, It’s not fair to your customer to give them there rigg back with swirls in it, Come on guys and gals, let’s get the passion back and let’s start really detailing. Detailing is a craft just like any other craft. Learn Your Craft,!! Quit making excuses and make it right….

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